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For the time being, this blog is going to be on hiatus. As Emilia and I (Gabriel) both have life issues to handle. I (Gabriel) don't see myself coming back to this blog any time soon for personal reasons explained in a last post I made. Emilia has her own life matters to handle and so it's unlikely she will be posting here as well. We want to thank you for the support you've shown us over the years, and really the thanks and praise need to go to Emilia for starting this blog all those years ago. I just got lucky when she asked me to help her out. Maybe some day in the future we can get this blog back to how we had it when we won best hockey blog, but right now running a hockey blog is the least of our concerns. Thank you again for your support, and love you gave us. Take care and as always, Go Sharks.
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Sharks looking real sloppy to start this game.
Niemi scrambling, whole team scrambling.

Stay Locked.

Please, boys.
Stay Locked.

Win this. 
Fuck thinking about the next round, focus on winning this game.
When you come back to San Jose, it best not be to play these kings again.

And for the rest of you, I know how you’re feeling.

Go Sharks


Potential absence of Marc-Eduoard Vlasic in Game 6 has San Jose scrambling for answers 


The hockey gods or the ghost of pancakes are coming down hard on the Sharks right now.

Please, boys.
Don’t do what the Blues did and lose the series after leading it.
Especially since you boys had a “strangle hold” on the series.

Finish it Monday.
It’s going to be a long hard fight to get out of California, let alone the Cup.

And for the record

Because we know the people that run the kings twitter are nothing more than paid trolls.

Sharks fans do not yell “YOU SUCK” To anthem singers.

RIP “You Suck” Guy.
The tradition has carried on well since your passing.

I Not much like l.a.

 - The Book of Hertl-ations.
O rally pancake, forgive us our bad bounces and penalties and lead us to the light (red light) in our favor.

O rally pancake, forgive us our bad bounces and penalties and lead us to the light (red light) in our favor.

Fun must be always :-))

 - The Book of Hertl 2:1

This is dream.

 - The Book of Hertl 1:1-2
ARTIST: Dan Rusanowsky
TRACK: Marleau OT Goal
19 plays

Refuse, Resist: Sharks 7 Kings 2

In another exciting game in San Jose, CA. The Sharks bounce back from an early deficit and finish the game by dominating the Kings and taking a 2 games to none series lead over l.a.

The Kings wasted little time trying to set the tone for tonight’s game after being dominated in game 1 by the Sharks. Just under 2 minutes into the game, Jake Muzzin would score to give the Kings a 1-0 lead, and just near the halfway point of the period, Trevor Lewis would tip in another and give the Kings a 2-0 lead, making everyone inside SAP Center greatly uneasy.

But the 2nd period would be a much different game for the Sharks. Mike Brown, Raffi Torres, and Justin Braun each scored just about 4-5 minutes apart and gave the Sharks a 3-2 lead going into the third. A much more solid period and effort from the Sharks, as now they were taking control back from l.a.

In the third, the Sharks would keep rolling. Patrick Marleau, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, and Joe Thornton would score throughout the period to turn the game into a 7-2 rout of the Kings and give San Jose a 2-0 lead in the series. 

As expected, tensions between the teams have been high and the game was filled with high speed, hard hitting action. Especially in the third when penalty minutes began to add up for both sides.

Through it all, the Sharks prevailed and now head to l.a with a chance to really take control of the series.
Another great effort by the Sharks in these early playoffs contents.
Final score
Kings 2
Sharks 7


Highlights from the…whatever the fuck the first round is called Game 1
Sharks vs Kings 4/17/2014

The North Remembers: Sharks 6 Kings 3

In a more or less show of dominant hockey, the Sharks brought their A game to the tank tonight as the defeated the kings 6-3 in this first game of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Shortly before game time there was a power outage at SAP center, leaving fans scrambling to cash only vendors to fuel up on assorted beers before the game. Once that matter was handled it was hockey in its almost purest form.

The Kings and Sharks exchanged chances early on in the period. Niemi holding his own and showing that he was ready to play after a series of less than desirable starts for himself. 
Within three minutes the Sharks would take the lead courtesy of Joe Thornton. Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski would lead the play and eventually take the shot that Thornton would knock in to give the Sharks a 1-0 lead. After a period of somewhat back and forth play, it was in the final minute of the first that the Sharks took charge of the game. Tomas Hertl would net his first career playoff goal, and less than a minute later with only three seconds left in the period Patrick Marleau would capitalize on the most juicy of rebounds and at the end of 1 period it was Sharks 3 and kings 0.

In the second, the Sharks kept up their dominance netting two more courtesy of the Demon Lord Raffi Torres and the ever slippery Marc-Edouard Vlasic. It was 5-0 Sharks after 2.

In the third, the kings showed some resilience as they netted 3 goals and suddenly found themselves right back in the game, goals courtesy of Jake Muzzin, Slava Voynov, and Trevor Lewis. Making it 5-3 Sharks and making everyone in teal just a bit nervous. But the Sharks held on, and more importantly, Antti Niemi held on. Playing strong all night and doing what he could to keep the kings at bay. In the final minute of play with kings goaltender Martin Jones pulled, (he replaced Quick coming into the 3rd) Brent Burns took a slap shot from deep in Sharks territory and landed in the kings net to seal the Sharks game 1 victory 6-3.

A strong start but sloppy finish by the Sharks, nevertheless they still played a great game and held on for the win. They’ll need to keep it up if they want to make it out of this series. Because judging from tonight, it’s going to be an intense one.

Final score 
Kings 3
Sharks 6


It was Hertl with the most juicy of rebounds and Marleau with just an awesome shot off a pass.

What the Sharks mean to me.


I was born and raised In San Jose, CA but it wasn’t until I moved to LA that I became a Sharks fan. I came up in a soccer family and I never understood the dedication my father had for his team, but when I found myself lonely in a city I was so new to, I turned to Hockey to feel some closeness to home. Now, 7 years later, I understand the conviction my father has. This game matters to me. It matters to me because it’s my home. I might be 383 miles away from the Shark Tank but those moments when I get to walk up those stairs to see a home game are never taken for granted.

I am and will forever be a San Jose Shark. 


I watched my first Sharks game when I was one day old, my dad holding me in his arms and explaining each play to me. So many of my memories with my father involve hockey, from watching the Predator’s fans throw rats on the ice when they scored to watching Owen Nolan and Nabokov and SO many other great Sharks play games in the Tank. The Sharks are much more than just a hockey team; they are a catalyst in my relationship with my father and I. Something that we have always been able to bond over. Can’t wait for that cup to come to town. 


Regarding the other post.

What does/do the Sharks/hockey mean to you?
What have they done for you?
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